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Guest Information


Please do not hang anything over the balcony railings. Do not hang anything over the back of the chairs on the lanai they will cause rust stains. Wet towels may be placed in the unit dryer.

Board Games/Books/DVD’s

Assorted board games, books and DVD’s may be borrowed from the office during regular business hours. *Please be sure all game pieces are back in the box before returning to the office.


Saturday at 4:00 p.m. – 5p.m. Please call the office to make arrangements for late check-ins.


Saturday at 10:00 a.m. Late fees will be assessed for late check-out which cause delays for the cleaning crew. Please be courteous and check out early or on time. No late check-outs are available.


Several of the area restaurant menus are in the office to help you with your dining choices. Many of the restaurants will prepare the fish you catch.


Sombrero Reef, Washerwoman’s Shoal, Molasses Key and many more great locations. There are pamphlets located in the office for many of the area charter captains and party boats. Both provide all the equipment and bait you will need. Some of the bait shops have fishing gear available for rent if you want to find your own special fishing spot. Fishing licenses are required for all fishing except on the charter and party boats. It can be purchased at most bait shops. Bait shops can provide areas where fishing is allowed. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE TOWELS IN YOUR ROOM FOR FISHING. THE ODOR AND STAINS CANNOT BE REMOVED. THE OFFICE WILL BE HAPPY TO GIVE YOU OLD TOWELS TO USE.


Banana Bay rents dock space on availability. This is a first come/first serve basis and it is recommended due to limited space you make arrangements with their dock master well ahead of your planned arrival. You may contact them regarding the dock fee and parking of your boat and trailer. You may also check:

Banana Bay is now charging for parking of boats and trailers. MKBC does not offer parking unless your boat trailer is small enough to fit in a regular second parking space for your unit. There is no availability for oversized trailers on MKBC property.


For fire or medical emergency, Dial 9-911.

Fresh Water

All fresh water in the Florida Keys is piped from the mainland making it very expensive. We ask you to please be conservative. If you have a running toilet or dripping faucet please let the office know immediately.


Charcoal grills are available for your use. You will accept all responsibility in their use. You will be responsible for purchasing your own charcoal and starter. Grilling utensils are available at the office for you to borrow.


Refrigerators have ice makers. You may choose to purchase ice at the local markets or machines throughout the city. Twice the Ice machine is located at the fruit stand next door to MKBC.

Hot Tub

Hours: 8 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Please use soap and shower before entering, especially if you are wearing suntan oil or lotion. No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the hot tub. The hydro-therapy is maintained at a high temperature and is for the use of adults only.

(Please note this is a shared amenity with Banana Bay)


Laundry is located within each unit. Detergent is not provided.


Regular postal pick-up is made at the office. Stamps may be purchased at the office.

Office Hours

8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. The office will be closed for major holidays unless the major holiday is on Saturday.


There is a limit of two vehicles per unit. There is not room for oversized vehicles or trailers. Parking for one vehicle per unit is available under each building, a second space will be available on the property.


Sorry Absolutely No Pets Allowed. You will be asked to board your pet or leave the property. The exception is documented, certified service animals. In advance of a visit all owners and tenants must provide documentation and proof of certification for approval. When you are planning your visit contact the office during business hours to ensure the proper documentation has been received and approved in advance. You may contact the office with questions.


Hours: dawn to dusk. Please use soap and shower before entering, especially if you are wearing suntan oil or lotion. Beach towels are available in your room. No tubes, snorkel, fins or scuba gear may be used in pool. Use of the pool is at your own risk; no lifeguard is on duty.

(Please note this is a shared amenity with Banana)


To control odor and insects, please empty your trash daily. The trash barrel is located beneath each building in the garage area. Tie your trash bags securely and do not throw away loose trash. If you need additional trash bags please ask the office. Recycle bins are located by the office, DO NOT PLACE PLASTIC BAGS IN RECYCLE. Recycle is for: aluminum cans; clear, brown, and green glass; newspaper; plastic bottles. Sewage waste from MKBC must be disposed of in a unique way. Do not pour cooking oil/grease and chemicals down the toilets and drains. Use paper towels to absorb the oil/grease and put it with your trash. DO NOT FLUSH sanitary products or disposable wipes these should be thrown away in your trash.

Tennis Court

As a courtesy to other players, please limit matches to one-hour intervals.

(Please note this is a shared amenity with Banana Bay)
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